where the artists themselves tell you about their works

Remember that feeling of going to a museum or an exhibition and feeling obliged to dutifully study all the pieces? Remember the surprise of getting an interesting, engaged guide that could tell you more about a work of art than what's written in a museum leaflet? Remember the way you saw that piece from a totally different angle, suddenly feeling compelled to look at all the tiny details, imagining the feelings and the message of the artist, who created it?

What if you could learn it directly from the artist? To hear first hand the most truthful and sincere story?

Dezhenin gallery is an online gallery,

where the artists themselves

tell you about their works. 

At Dezhening gallery we believe that art can be closer to the audience. Closer means much more interesting and easier to understand thanks to the stories told by the artists. Closer means at your fingertips, accessible on any device anywhere in the world. Closer means engrossing, thanks to the videos used to tell the stories. 

We're glad to see you. Enjoy the show.
Dezhenin gallery - Art can be closer.